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Jon Johnson
Founder and Principal
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Michael Vande Woude
Principle and Partner

Mr. Johnson is an experienced federal advisor with an emphasis in federal IT procurement policy and initiatives, IT sourcing and management strategies, risk management, and emerging tech.  He has a working emphasis on wireless telecommunication and infrastructure, cloud computing, and mobile technology.  

Mr. Johnson currently advises federal agencies and industry with their strategic relationships; supporting efforts on acquisitions and Supply-Chain Risk Management standards; and developing, executing, and supporting strategic planning and operations for clients.

Mr. Johnson writes about federal contracting and acquisition, and is a US Peace Corp alumni having volunteered in Eastern Europe.

Mr. Vande Woude served as a government advisor to DOJ, DOD, DHS, and the General Services Administration after spending over 20 years as an IT Sourcing and Management Executive for a number of Wall Street firms.   


Mr. Vande Woude provides strategic and operational expertise in technology/business process reengineering, asset management, vendor risk assessment, contract lifecycle management, IT Infrastructure management, CIO advisory, IT financial management, CBA, activity based costing analysis, outsourcing (cloud) consideration, evaluation and advisory and procurement automation and workflow analysis.


Mr. Vande Woude is also a retired officer of the United States Air Force.

We are sorry but Mr. Johnson is not accepting new clients at this time, but he would be happy to refer you to his network of area experts.

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